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    In a volatile economic climate there are lots of opportunities to make money. Headway has the infrastructure in place to build a successful team of remote traders.

    At Headway, through our experience, we know what makes a good trader. We are confident in our ability to provide the best teaching and maximise the potential of people who want success at trading.

    All traders on our Remote Scheme will be provided with:
    • Direct Market Access: For investment banks and hedge funds, this is the fastest, most efficient system. We give you access to the live market through DMA, enabling you to place orders directly on to exchange order books.
    • Real-Time Charting Package: Headway traders get access to charting software that provides real-time market data and enables multiple application of charting analysis tools.
    • Entry to the virtual trading floor: interactive collaboration and content delivery through a real-time desktop solution. This allows for constant interaction with the mentor.
    • Real-Time Squawk: A real-live voice and text based feed covering economic and market analysis, as well as financial news and rumours.
    • Membership to EVOI live trading community - As a member you can view and share completed trades from real traders subseconds after they happen on the international markets.

    You will have the benefit of constant mentoring from experienced, successful traders. Through a combination of theory and practice, Headway will help you develop your skills. We also provide the following:
    • Company funds to trade
    • Daily technical analysis and commentary
    • Structured training with realistic targets

    The one-off fee of £3,500 (inc VAT) is the only payment required for the initial 4 month period of training. For this fee you receive training, constant mentoring, a trading platform allowing Direct Market Access, a charting package and entry to the virtual trading floor. After month 4 should the trader continue to trade from home there will be no further charges, however if the trader is offered a desk on the Headway trading floor they will then be treated as an experienced trader and will thus have to cover their desk costs.

    The trader will receive a percentage of the profits they make depending on how much is in their trading account. The starting split is 60% of profits to the trader and 40% to Headway. This changes as follows:
    • £10,000 in the traders account 70% (trader)/30% (Headway)
    • £20,000 in the traders account 80%/20%
    • £50,000 in the traders account 90%/10%

    Any losses incurred as well as brokerage fees will be covered by Headway Trading.

    At Headway we are so confident that we can teach the right people to be a success that we are willing to offer £1,500 money back if the trader is unhappy with the course and wants to leave.

    Traders are invited to come and visit at a time convenient for them. Headway also runs seminars that we encourage you to sign up for to further your knowledge and experience.

    If you think Headway Trading is the trading environment that suits you then please submit a CV or arrange a meeting by calling 0203 207 9096, e-mailing or request a call back