Anyone Heard Of The League Corp In Chi?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by joebuckk, Feb 2, 2007.

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    can anyone tell me a little about them if so?

  2. Yes...i heard of them.....they were the first brokerage firm created by and exclusively for Homosexual did you get in touch with them?????:eek:
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    Does anyone else know anything about them?

  4. Why? are you a little light in the loafers?? John Amechi posters all over your room?
  5. New, obviously, and wondering about this firm. Any insights that aren’t inside jokes?:confused:
  6. I remember them well. I interviewed with them in the late 90's. The job was a trader position to trade the 5-year note. The guy who interviewed me said he was hiring 6 traders and I was number 7 on their list. Bummer! No matter, I eventually made it on my own.
  7. just in case anyone else is interested, i talked with someone at League today. their program is 6 wks training and then approx. 2 months of simulated training with a mentor. after that they may keep you on, they said about 33 percent make it through the trial period and get to actual trading. no salary, no benefits, but no financial requirements on the traders part either.
  8. WOW!!!

    thanks for clearing that up !!:D
  9. Any group with such a low percentage rate of success is not going to be a good one. They will say that "trading is a tough game", it is extremely hard to make it, you have to be good, bla bla bla. Trading is difficult at shops like this that have no knowledge to teach.

    Good groups have much higher rates of success to the tune of 75% and upwards. If they had good training and people that knew how to trade the markets they trade to teach others, and hired quality people, they would have a much higher rate of success. Bottom line.

    Besides that, the fact that they are not offering any salary or any benefits whatsoever should tell you that theyre not worth your trouble. I dont know of a single successful group that is set up like that.
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