Anyone heard of Lynx Capital Partners

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nuton, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. nuton


    I have an interview with them, would like some feedback and an idea of what type of questions to ask.

    Also, does anyone know, if a firm doesnt require capital contribution, but, you trade and lose, do you owe them money?

  2. If you lose money, you most likely have to make it up in your trading account before you get a commission check. If you quit or are fired, however, you're not obligated to pay losses back.
  3. Nuton,

    From what I've seen.

    It's 5k down and you trade their system.

    They have a filtering software that spits out low vol NYSE stocks and you just play along with the rest of the Lynx groups.

    I know the commission is high but I have no idea what the split is. You're 5k will cover your loses, once it's down 50%, I'm sure they'll cut you off and ask you for more.

    Good luck with your interview, or if you did already, hope it was decent.
  4. if you want to trade that system i no a place where you don't need to put cap down just call madison trading in nyc. i traded there once and learned alot but the deal is crap. if you want to put money down there are better deals out there. my feeling is if your new odds are you will lose anyway. this business takes time to learn so you will need your money to live off of.
  5. nuton


    What is a good payout and commision rate to make it a good deal.

  6. Same questions everywhere: Ask for balance sheets. If for some reason they are a "sub-llc" ...learn corporate structure..i.e. who's responsible for the money.

    Even if you put up no money, you will (hopefully) accumulate money in your account...and you deserve to know who has it.

    When looking at balance sheets, distinguish between trader money, and firm money....they should be happy to show you.

    FWIW, I have heard pretty good things about the two partners at LYNX, and hopefully they brought their own good fortunes (and money) into the Firm.