Anyone heard of International Trading Group..??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jolly, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. jolly


    I came across this add at and wanted to know if anyone knows of this company and if its worth looking into?

    US-IL-Chicago-Proprietary Futures trader
    Proprietary Futures trader

    International Trading Group is a dynamic, growth orientated proprietary trading firm. As an established member of major exchanges worldwide, we have direct electronic connections ensuring the fastest trading access. Due to our success and the ever-increasing opportunities in computer accessed trading we are expanding.
    ITG is looking for:

    o Recent college graduates with high grade point averages and a strong work ethic.
    o Candidates with a strong fixed income or equity backgrounds
    o Traders with electronic trading experience.

    We offer a state of the art trading facility and complete support. Our staff, which has over fifty years experience, will provide ongoing education to help you achieve your trading goals. All traders trade the firm’s capital. As a proprietary trading firm, our primary income comes from sharing in the profits we teach you to earn. If you are not successful, we’re not successful. Your potential income is unlimited. It depends on your ability and dedication.

    We offer a full range of benefits including 401k, health and dental insurance. Trading is a rewarding, lifelong career. If you’re someone who needs to be challenged on a daily basis and want your income to be commensurate with your successes, e-mail your resume to
  2. sabena



    What's the URL-address of this firm ?

  3. jolly


    Kinda makes think then huh
  4. sabena



    I did a search on Google, nothing but on I found the following

    International Trading group LLC

    1845 OAK ST
    Suite 9
    Northfield , IL 60093
    (847) 446 - 3680

    I will call them later, that's probably it.
  5. jolly


    Thanks,Please let me know what you find out :)
  6. sabena



    I just called them and they are the guys.
    They offer 50 % payout the first 3 years after that 75 %.
    You can only trade with them in Chicago, no remote trading.
    They don't have E-mini's yet. They trade mainly the Eurex

  7. vega


    Just wondering if anyone has heard or knows anything about this firm. Thanks in advance.

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    What's happening ? Getting ready to head out and start pre-partying for the Cubbies game tonite !! Hope all is going well.


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