Anyone heard of HLV Trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by POSPNL, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. They are not BD. Just a firm with money. It seems the only good thing about them is no need for licenses. Their software and fees are no different from others.
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  2. par5


    I hear HLV Trading has deals as low as .006 including all ecn fees for high volume traders. they are taking over the Worldco office in Melville Long Island.
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  3. par5


    daytraderpete let me know what you think of their software? I hear its great, did you get a one on one demo? I was told they are more flexible than most firms and do not require any license due to their deal structure.
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  4. axehawk


    they probably don't require licenses because they are a private equity firm.
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  5. I watched someone trade for 4 hours, the software looked good and the hot keys seemed simple to use.
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  6. axehawk


    Care to share with us how sweet the deal is?
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  7. I'll send you a PM how to contact them by phone. I was told each deal they negotiate with potential traders is tailored to the traders experience and trading style.
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  8. Is this a prop situation where you are not taking any risk and using there money? If not and you are having to put up risk capital then I don't get the point of the interviews let alone a 2nd interview. There are tons of places where you can do the same thing. In fact is filled with ads of firms and LLC groups claiming to be "hiring" traders if only you put up 5-10K in risk capital where you can trade from an office or from home. In a lot of peoples book that is not really getting hired.

    By the way daytraderpete I am not try to crap on your deal because HLV might be a great place but I am just trying to understand the actual deal being offered and if it is any different then being a leverage customer.
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  9. Funny, we make it real clear that we don't hire Any traders. We don't want "trader employees" ... We cater to the trader who can actually make money for themselves, and prefers to run their own business.

    If any of you put yourself in the position of "backing" some of the people you meet here on the board, and other places....would you really want to risk your capital with them???

    We provide opportunities, not a place for order takers.

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  10. downtick,
    You are right, there are plenty of prop houses out there with ads.......... and they all will hire anyone with a heartbeat and 5k.
    At this stage of my trading career (over 3 yrs), thats not the environment I want to be in, I've been there already.

    I completely understand the point you are trying to make, and I appreciate your response. I am at the point in my trading where costs and leverage are not my main focus , as would be the case for newbies. I am a consistent trader and want to expand my opportunities by being around other successful traders

    So I guess to answer your question, I believe in the MASTER MIND, as taught by Napoleon Hill, of whom I am a huge student. If all things were equal (costs, etc.), I feel I am choosing to be in a successful environment, where I can develop a profitable rapport with the other traders, instead of sitting next to a new face every 3 months.

    Thanks again for writing.
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