Anyone heard of HLV Trading?

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    They're starting an office in Midtown but I don't know anything about them. Any thoughts?

  2. I have had an interview with them, they are a private investor group. They are building a small group of good traders to fill their NYC office. From what I got out of the interview, the software is excellent and the fees are tailored to your style of trading. Plus I was told trading help is always available if you need it.

    I have a second interview at the end of this week, from what I can tell, they are selective. One thing I especially liked was they had a scalping method AND a charting method in place they use to trade intraday, and they are willing to show you both if you have some experience. Too many places pigeonhole you into one stategy to churn tickets.

    I also got the impression it was not a place for complete newbies.

    HLV either merged with or acquired Navillus. Supposedly, they have better funding.

    HLV is motivated to keep many of the Navillus traders from defecting to Echo with their former remote manager.

    They offer Sterling Pro and another proprietary platform.


    Daytraderpete / Durango Kid - Thanks for the info. They look like they run a tight ship. I'm assuming you have make an initial investment to get in the door, correct? And with only 5:1, I hope that that changes with performance. DTP, did you get that felling from your interviews?

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    Their website says $5000 contribution. Were there any variances from their website and what they offered you in the interview?
  6. I was told an experienced trader can get 10-1, or even 20 - 1 if he or she proves they are disciplined. I am looking forward to a second interview.




    Let me know how the interview is. PM me if you don't want to post. Thanks.
  8. Hey POSPNL,

    Just got back from the second interview. They made it very clear to me they are looking to build a group of experienced traders that will work as a team. Teamwork and helping each other improve seems to be very important to who they select. The guy I interviewed with was impressive, I have 3 yrs experience, I'm pretty sure I made a good impression. We got into cost structure and software today and they both looked good to me.

  9. I like the look of their website...but .0125 a share? Geez, that's up there. Are there any rebates for volume?
  10. The cost structure is based on experience and volume. Yes there are rebates. Trust me, the deal I spoke to them about is sweet.
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