Anyone heard of DV Trading from Toronto?

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    I was browsing the internet for proprietary firms in Canada and I came across a firm called DV Trading from Toronto. They seem to trade mostly futures. Anyone heard of them ? Any input?

    The website is

  2. Yes I heard of them...They were found by and created exclusively for the homosexual trader. What web site were you on that you came across them???? I heard they trade on pink monitors and offer back rubs while you trade.
  3. Thanks for your input "TM Direct". I enjoyed your humour.

    DV Trading is in fact an extension of the old Refco Trading Services - Montreal office. It was founded by myself and my partner, Colin Final. When Refco folded last year, we started this business and brought about 80% of the old Refco traders on board with us.

    We have a talented team of traders working with us, trading exclusively futures, with offices in both Montreal and Toronto. We had a very successful first year of operations and are looking for new recruits all the time - and if you want back rubs, we may be able to accommodate you with that as well. ]


    Dino Verbrugge.
  4. Great...Do you offer free trading and free software?
  5. Let's see... someone asks about the firm with their first post and then the owner just 'happens' to stop by and provide us with some spam with his first. Coincidence I am sure.

    Thanks buddy for spamming the board! Nothing like free advertising, right? :D
  6. TM Direct - we are not brokers, so we don't sell or "offer anything" with any kind of gimmick that you are implying.

    We are exclusively a proprietary futures trading firm giving experienced (and inexperienced) traders the opportunity to learn our proprietary trading techniques and strategies for mutual benefit. We do not accept any client funds. We only make money when our traders make money.


    Dino Verbrugge.
  7. What a coincidence.... Barron only makes money when vendors pay for advertising on this trader web site
  8. :D

  9. TM Direct -

    I understand your cynicism, especially in this industry - but judging by your comments, I'm not sure you understand exactly what we do.

    We are not in the business of accepting client funds and generating commission revenue regardless of the profitability of the client. Each trader trades the firm's capital and only the firm's funds are at risk.

    Our business is developing and executing our own proprietary trading strategies. We have a privately funded pool of capital that is allocated to our traders to execute these strategies in the market for us... and therefore, "when the traders make money, we make money".

    I hope this helps.

    Best of luck and let's hope the volatility that we are now seeing in the markets continue!


    Dino Verbrugge
  10. im not sure you understand how this web sit works...ya see Baron doesn't charge members...THEN by pure coincidence, traders and the like frequent the site...which in turn makes software providers, brokerage firms, trading educators and other related providers want to pay money to advertise.....its a pretty cool cycle when you think about it:D
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