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  1. It looks like a great site that i would like to join, but I'm seriously reluctant to give them my forex username & password which they require for you to join. They say they use it to check your real time positions and trades and account balances, but seems a bit scary to give that info out. Anyone use them or trust them?
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    Looks well dodgy, thats confidential info, no one legit would ask for that, what a cheek!
  3. Interesting, but I don't see the reason to join it.

    I don't think it would help in letting other know what my position is.

    Also, I don't think I am desperate enough join some snake oil salesmen and their shill networks.

    Maybe it would be great for networking for a job?

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    $2M in VC funding for that? I have a bridge I want to sell some VCs.
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    work out quite handy to see where all the newbie positions are actually....
  6. Anyone giving out userID/pw needs to have their head examined. Especially with all the internet fraud and identity theft

    Seriously, why would ANYONE ANYWHERE for ANY REASON do this? Or consider it?

    BTW, please leave your SSN, address, maiden name, driver's license, medical cards, bank account #s, etc. at the door. We will not misuse them...
  7. Actually, they raised a total of $6M million, and that's only the first round..

    Who knows what they need that much funding for..

    Definitely ballsy asking for everyone's account login/password. I agree with the sentiment here that you'd have to be out of your mind to hand that over to a 3rd party.
  8. How can you trust someone who can't even spell it correct? LoL
  9. Haha, that's about the worst idea I've seen so far!

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