Anyone heard about Title Trading

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by karuio, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I am going to work with Title Trading. Anyone heard about Title Trading, is it a good company, do they pay check on time?
    Any comments will be appreciated.
  2. Use the search function on this site and find out for yourself
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    I work at Title Trading, There good. Which office are you gonna work at?
  4. I have heard that they are into swing trading primarily and use what most people would call an "unusual" system.

    As I understand it they put on trades early in the month, based on a proprietary scan. They put in a wide stop loss and the rest of the month they hang out in a company hot tub installed on the balcony of their office space, smoking ganga and listening to reggae music. I have heard that they were up >20% this year.

    So basically if you like Bob Marley and Calibe music, this might be the place for you.

    Peace out mon!

  5. wtf ?!?!? --^
  6. Hey Steve, is Title a paper or pipe kinda place?
  7. karuio


    Thank guys, it really helps me, cheers, I love trading
  8. this must be the first time ever on ET that I compliment anyone with their humor, hilarious!

    ps. i wanna work there! phonenumber anyone?
  9. whew, after trolling this site for years this is my first post.

    I am currently waiting for a sit down interview from Title Trading. I am located in Toronto. I actually like the title trading structure when you compare it to swift trading.

    Title Trading appears to be legit, with a reasonable payout. You should follow Szevens PnL posts in the Journal section, he trades with Title and his PnL is pretty impressive!

    I like the fact that prop trading allows you to employ different tactics due to the BP that is provided. And if title trading does not accept me, then im counting my pennies and moving to Vancover to trade with Bright Trading. Now only if Bright can get the clearance to set up shop in Ontario, Damn OSC!! :mad:
  10. Just be aware that only Bright, Swift and Infinium have legit licenses to do business. Title does NOT have a license to operate a trading business in Ontario or in Canada. Check with the OSC, BCSC or QSC. Title isn't even registered.

    That being said, there are over a dozen firms in Canada that do business without the proper licenses or clearance from securities commissions so it really isn't a big deal...
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