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    I have read a lot of books, and ebooks on trading, (still do) however I learn better when its hands on, and by wathing somione live, so I went searching online for something with a classroom setting.

    I googled schools in FL, which is where I live, and found a local school called Online Trading Academy... their website is Has anyone heard of them or taken any of their clases?

    Today I stopped by their physical office and they showed me around... they have 2 classrooms setup for aprox 15 students, there was a class in session, and they offered me to sit in for a few hours, but I had to get back to work.......... anyhow.. the price tag they gave me was $4995 for a 7 day course (8hr each day)... they cover fundamentals, TA, etc.. areas I'm struggling with, and books seem to confuse me even more, needless to say, I'm thinking about signing up for a January class......... Once you graduate their class, they let you trade I believe aprox 100 to 150 trades with their money, not DEMO trade, live trades. You can also retake the class as many times as needed.

    Any thoughts anyone?
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  2. I went to OTA's free seminar complete with box lunch a few years back. They were nice people and all that but I had expected a much higher level of training than I thought they were offering for 4 or 5 grand.

    They do have a lifetime "come back and re-train" program but my guess is that they never have to do it because most traders blow up before that.

    They had a floor trader turned expert come in and do a live trading session and he was scalping BRCM. While everyone was drooling watching him make 10 bucks here and 10 bucks there I was sitting there and I sort of laughed and the guy literally got up and told me to see if I could do better.

    I was embarrassed but thought I might as well try because I was never coming back and I would have felt more than the asshole I already am so I sat down while he folded his hands and after 5 or 6 minutes I bought 1000 shares of BRCM. 10 minutes later I made 330 or 350 bucks.

    The floor trader turned expert told everyone I had acted recklessly for buying so many shares etc and that I needed risk management. I told him I that he never said anything about the account size etc. I realized it was pissing contest I wasn't going to win and left.
  3. Awesome story, SL, as usual.