Anyone hear of the firm Flow Traders..+Q regarding arbitrage

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    I never heard anyone talk about or mention this firm flow traders. They seem to be an arbitrage firm headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in New York and elsewhere. They advertised a position on my alma mater's career center, which is a prestigious school so for the most part tend to be non bllsht firms.

    I believe they pay a salary in addition to commission and there is a two month training period. Im uncomfortable that I cannot find much information about them on the internet, and never heard them mentioned in this forum.

    I dont really care about their perceived "prestige" as long as I learn a lot, there is good professional opportunity and the pay is right. I just would love to know if anyone has ever heard of them and what you have to asy.

    Again the firm is called Flow Traders.



    I am familiar with flow trading from an ibank and prop trading, but how lucrative or how much potential is there in arbitrage trading? Is there as much potential as in prop trading?
  2. They only trade ~6 days per month. Ignore them. :cool:
  3. Flow traders is trading on all european exchanges, and starting at Singapore and New York.
    In ETF's they are the major player. Started in 2004 and made over 2007 and 2008 anet profit of 50 million euros. (up 165%)
    High frequency traders with computers ( about 1000 pieces) installed at London, Paris and Frankfurt. Enough capacity to do a few 1000 transactions per second.
    Summit Partners took a small participation.