Anyone having trouble with lastest IB TWS?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by swtrader, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. downloaded/Installed it, and all my settings gone, and it wont connect
  2. We have been getting a lot of reports from IB clients about the settings being lost. None about not being able to connect from within TWS though.
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    Lots of trouble with booktrader. Bid ask size won't refresh causing jumbled numbers.
  4. There's an almost immediate upgrade today April 6th to the April 3-4th upgrade.

    If you are doing any important trading...
    You should have multiple versions installed on multiple computers...
    And keep the directories synchronized.
    That way you can ALWAYS go back to the previous version in 60 seconds.


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    Today's(5-06) upgrade did not fix. Dav at IB has messaged me and they are apparently still working. Thanks for advice on previous versions.
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    I've had great success with only using the TWS downloaded to HD version (IOW not the "browser-loaded").

    I am always behind several versions and I only upgrade to the latest when I am dragged kicking and screaming when the "You must upgrade to version XX or your TWS will no longer work..." type situation happens.

    But then I just mostly use an API autotrading app and the same things, the same way, day in and day out. Rarely need the new features and I miss lots of hassles with the upgrades.

    Good trading to all.
  7. I always back up the entire tws directory before upgrading. Have rarely if ever needed to restore, but thats what I do.
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  9. And here I thought I was the only one who stuck it out as long as
    possible untill forced to upgrade... When I find a good TWS version
    I stay with it as long as I can.
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    Probably lots like that;
    dont fix what isnt broke:cool: :D
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