anyone having trouble in this market?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by cashmoney69, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. This sideways market is kicking my butt... Is there a way to trade this without scalping?. Maybe I should just stay out of the market ?

    I've been in cash for the past few days.
  2. Examine the big picture and trade accordingly.

    My analysis say your sideway nightmare may soon be coming to an end.

  3. I have the problem too

    I do not know how to handle it

  4. If you look back at a number of Option Expirations you will notice that you get a lot of congestions... fake breakouts... sideways-bore-you-to-death-movements and all together really tough trading days...

    I think in the September opt expiration week we had this EXACT type of day one day... a gap down and then mostly sideways market for hours with numerous false breakouts...

    I agonized thru that one and recognized this one as the same early on...

    Futures71 says he just skips the Opt Exp weeks and i am beginning, as thick as my head is... to see why...

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  5. RL8093


    What do you consider scalping? (How many points before it's not scalping?)

    While truly flat market present different challenges, I'm quite amazed that people cannot find good signals / opportunities here.

    Are the 5+ ES points from 3:07 to 3:39 scalping? Or the 7+ point move from 10:06 to 10:16? Or the 8+ point move from 10:26 to 11:39? Or ....?

    If I'm having problems generating profits in a market, the issues generally reside within my methods or my executions or my assessments. Rarely does the market not provide the opportunities from which to succeed.

    Just curious - do you normally expect a large trend day ahead of INTC earnings?



    Develop a stable of stocks, and stick with them. I've had reliable successes with a stable. Knowing the S/R levels, and momentum/ resistance of these "ponies" gets me through.
  7. Its funny, I've had the best few days in a while. I can never make a cent when the market breaks into a trend, but this sideways to down stuff is like an atm machine. In my opinion congestion on a 60 minute chart with with 1 and 5 minute channeling signals is the easiest way to consistantly take money out of the market. Then again I am strictly a scalper who very rarely holds anything more then 15 minutes.

    I think S/R could work well with low volatility market

    but maybe it could not make much money from high volatility


    does your method work with HSI future

    I wonder


    Paying close attention to S/R levels work best in higher volatility markets. Think of these levels as "invisble fences", they represent the greatest culmination of fear and greed and second guess the best strategies. S/R levels work with ANY TRADING VEHICLE, as ALL of these vehicles are emotion based.

    Certainly, one cannot use S/R levels alone. Secondary technical tools such as MA's, OBV, Volume and Trends play a major role as well.

    May the trend be with you, FlyinForget!