Anyone having success with Steve DeWitt University?

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  1. I posted this question on another website forum but got no replies from anyone acutally using Steve DeWitt's service. Therefore I've decided to post the same question here to see if I can find someone who has actually been a member of his trading room/chatroom:

    I would Iike to know if anyone here is a member (or has been a member) of DeWitt University? Steve DeWitt is claiming to be doing extremely well in the Forex market. Is he doing as well in the forex market as he says he is? I ask this because almost every week I get an email from him saying things like, "Last week we made 10 trades and made profit on all 10 for 150 pips" - "We have an 86% win percentage for the 16 months since the chatroom began". Is he really winning over 80% of his trades and really averaging 22 pips per trade as he says he is? Are you making money with his trades?

    I was in DeWitt's chatroom many months ago, before he started charging for it. I have to say... I don't remember him averaging 22 pips per trade at all. I can't say conclusively that he is or is not making the pips he says he is making or if he is winning over 80% of his trades because I never kept any stats of his trades. For that reason, I'm not going to outright call him a liar. However, from what I remember of his chatroom, he was always talking about how great he was doing but somehow I personally didn't see the success he claimed to be having. As I said, I didn't keep stats so maybe he did better than I thought. If anyone here has been in his chatroom I would very much like to see what your experiences have been with his trades.
  2. Well... so there is not at least 1 person here that has tried DeWitt University??? :confused:
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    Stick around anyway, you might pick something up. ET charges less that ol' D.U., I bet.

  4. You mean some guy named Steve DeWitt founded a "university" that bears his own name during his lifetime ? Wow, why didn't he just found his own kingdom while he was at it ?

    Sory for this interjection, I suppose I'm just an education freak and I hate seeing "university" or "diploma" or "doctor" being thrown around, handed out, and used like some cheap drunk slut at a frat party.
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    was he graduate from DeVry Univesity?
  6. just googled "steve dewitt" and came up with this: (this one is extra cheezy... trailer-park quality)

    and after founding his university, looks like he founded his church too :

    he's an architect too:

    possibly a link to his doctorate courses? :

    comment found on a forum :"Hi Guys,I just wanted to add in here that DeWitt University only just started on May 10th. Before that it was a free trading chatroom called Pips Anonymous. I was a member, and while I don't really know anything about Steve DeWitt himself, or his trading history, I must say that I had quite a bit of fun in the room. Having said that however, I would also like to say that I have heard that there are people around who have been who have been scammed by him, and I believe under a couple of different aliases."

    notice the random photo of a nice looking building that is obviously intended to give the impression that there is some big campus :
    (yeah, like he needs space for 2000 full-time "students"/clients/pigeons)

    Another Steve DeTwitt multi-national :

    ... what conclusion would you draw ? (hint: its a no bainer)
  7. Dude, that is not a random photo, it is the Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach Fla.

    The Ever Ex Floridian VIPER :D
  8. A chef, as well?
    Ive heard of multi-skilling, but thats ridiculous.
    Surprising how many of these characters are out there, using skills as a webmaster to run all these *ahem* online "businesses".
  9. Let us take this moment to bow down to the great inspiring Steve DeTwitt and endure to follow in his footsteps. Praise.
  10. You also left off that he is:

    President of DeWitt Packaging Corp:

    Into real estate as President of Shorecrest Retail Partners:

    Is a radio host of a South West Wales radio station:

    ...and he is even able to have out of body experiences and do "soul projection travels":

    Is there ANYTHING the amazing Steve DeWitt cannot do??

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