Anyone having lagging data on Tradestation?

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  1. I have had Tradestation for about 8 years and no real problems with data.

    During the last several days Tradestation has been lagging IB by 10-15 seconds. My desktop is the same as it has been for years. I have a 35 mb internet connection and no problem there.

    I called TS today and what a waste. I was told that they are having issues balancing their server loads. Just curious if anyone else has noticed the problem.


  2. IQ Feed has been lagging IB by 20-30 seconds for several days also. It can't be a computer problem on my side because I see the same thing across 5 pc's with IQFeed and they're all behind IB. It sucks but I don't have a solution either!
  3. Thanks.
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    Ditto...same thing.
  5. When she mentioned server loads I had a flashback to Qchart Hell lol.

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    Wasn't today special after lunch on TS?

    I got better quotes from my 3 year old nieces LEAPFROG!

    I gave up on TS in July when they did not answer the phones for 5 hours and it was totally down.

    As Al Goldstein might say, a big F_CK YOU TradeStation once again.

    Way to go Bill and Ralph!
  7. What do you use now?
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    I am having similar problems with the TradeStation feed. It is lagging many seconds and even minutes (in the charts) behind IB's. I use tick charts, and in many cases their quotes in MATRIX are a few minutes ahead of the charts. That is a shame!! How can you trade with that kind of delayed charts in volatile markets. And many times a day the charts would jam up. Instead of charting a bar at a time, it would chart in packets of 20-50 bars of 25ticks etc. I have complained to TradeStation people a few times in the past but nothing is being done. I just spoke with a guy named "John" a few minutes ago, all he is doing is appoligizing. By the way I have a brand new computer with Windows VISTA and 2GB of RAM. I have been using TS for over a decade now, it has never been this bad. I just wanted to air out my frustration. Sorry! Leo
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    We also have been experiencing your issue.
    I have noted it in many posts over the last several months.
    We notice it here as we are very active in the market and notice our fills are slow or part or not at all.
    We are / were experiencing tws going down for some many minutes or seconds which obviously restrict the traders ability to entry but more important exit.

    In fairness to IB I also checked with my other associates and several of there brokers are having issues I believe it is gives the brokers a chance to balance their books and maintain compliance.

    Par for the course but a pain.

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    TS charts (when it works)

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