Anyone having issues with your data feed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Got up late hoping to trade the Greek news and I seem to be having issues withy my feed. No quotes coming up, futures seem okay though but nothing else seems to be coming in.
  2. ET#1
    Same for me. I have no quotes at all. Never seen it this quiet. Or there is some massive data feed problem …
    What? It's a market holiday in US. Most major markets are closed.. No quotes.
    Oh man. Hook, line and sinker.
    Oh. Well, I'm glad you all had fun.
    So funny!!! Why does this never get old?
    It DOES get old, it's just that some of you crack up again and again over the same jokes
    The U.S. markets are closed for …..
    Personally, I blame HFT …

    [Taken from “Timeless ET Rituals – Market Holidays”]
  3. Bob111


    s**t ..they got me this morning..i was awake,login into my accounts and all i see is grayed quotes lines at IB. spend good 30 minutes double checking my data subscriptions, IB 's status page,then i called IB and their menu is f**d up-going in loops and i can't get anyone on the phone. finally i called trading desk and got into European desk only to realize that the US markers are closed! i guess i just trade too much...time to break :p
  4. ES is trading but I do not see anything on the order book for equities.
  5. piezoe


    Check out the feed from Jerusalem. That one seems to be working. :D
  6. Looks like The index futures got halted when the bottom fell. Looks like they halted the markets at 9:15 once it went down like a cliff. I wonder if the Markets and futures will be closed monday as well.
  7. Bob111


    yep.. halted after job report :p
  8. m22au


    Markets in Australia and some parts of Europe will be halted on Monday because of the weak jobs report.

  9. piezoe


    life, as we know it, may be halted because of a weak jobs report. In any case I don't expect much to happen before a stone dead Jesus, with four holes in him, comes back to life and pushes a big ole stone out of the way. :cool:
  10. U guys is dum. I was trading all day. Made some nice coin too.

    You juz hafta know where to look. I had no problems at all with that new exchange. It's called the S I M U L A T E D exchange.

    U can make bux in this market if U R smrat enuff!
    #10     Apr 6, 2012