Anyone having Esignal problems with eurex data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by frank_london, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. It seems to be lagging like 3 min on th Euro Stoxx
  2. bolter


    Me too Frank. WTF is up with that?
  3. This shit seems to happen every time we see big volume moves
    it all started about an hour ago.

    It happens on employments reports, and the inflation reports too.
  4. bolter


    Man - this is killing me! Look at the DAX. Arrgggghhhhhh..........
  5. those idiots at esignal told me two months ago that they knew about this problem and that they were working to fix it. What a bunch of crap.

    I want to get a list of everyone that this is effecting here on elite trader and send it to the sales dept. demanding an immediate remedy
  6. Left home before 10.00 london time but left eSignal box running, will try to cross reference with Reuters & Bloomberg intr-day Time & sales data tonite/tomorrow.
  7. frank, put me on your list.

    As this is not the first time I'm already looking for alternatives once my subscription expires.
  8. TsunTzu


    Me too, Fixed income was hopeless it was at least two minutes behind. Esignal reckon there is a server upgrade either tomorrow or Thursday. I wont hold my breath.
  9. One thing I noticed first thing (07.30 London time) was that it took a couple of eSignal restarts to get volume data in. Anyone else experience this?
  10. TsunTzu


    Totally rubbish over consumer confidence. five minutes slow this time.
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