Anyone have TradeStation without brokerage with them?

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  1. Ok,

    I am having a hell of a time opening an account with tradestation. It's obviously cheaper to do this with a brokerage account with them($99.00 vs. 250 monthly).

    It's 5 grand to open a brokerage account with them. Which I have no problem sending to them to open up another brokerage account.

    I just want to use the software to replace what I have now. So I don't mind paying the $99 monthly for the software usage. I don't care to place any trades through them, as I just want to use to software, and I have other brokers.

    My question is, does anyone here use Tradestaition without having a brokerage account with them?
  2. I have used TS through different brokers for a while.
  3. How does that work?
  4. Depends. There are several 3rd party api's available to execute your orders. Some are more complex than others, but most are pretty simple. Once you connect to the API, everything else is cake.
  5. I'll have to admit my confusion here?

    I have a broker already to execute my trades. I would prefer to keep my charting and order execution seperate anyways.

    RIght now I have access to TOS charting, which is not really conducive to day trading the Eminis.

    I am also using Genesis's Trade Navigator which is ok, but I'm not too happy with it.

    I'm wondering if anyone has used Tradestation without having a brokerage account open with them? As it costs twice as much to use their software monthly if you do not have a brokerage account with Tradestation.
  6. I would assume that the software is not going to be a bit different whether you have an account or not, what is it you are trying to sort out? I will say that Tradestation software has the best third party support of anything out there.
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    What is the obstacle, you simply wire them $5K, are you a resident of North Korea or Cuba? They will take almost anybody's cash!

    E Signal is almost the same charting package, for $125 plus exchange fees and does not require a brokerage account.
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    Why don't you just sign up with MultiCharts...and avoid all the hassle..
  9. Hehe, I'm starting to feel like I'm from Cuba.....I'm not sure what the problem is? Initially, i tried to open a futures account, they told me my net liquidating worth wasn't high enough. Ok, so I'm told an equities account requires less, now they're telling me there is still a problem. I'm just getting the run around like it's nobody's buisiness. They are wanting bank and brokerage statments. :mad:

    I'm telling them I have no desire to trade with them, I'll even let you guys hold 5K cash, no interest, just let me use your software that I am going to pay you for every month. And the hassle I'm getting is rediculous.

    I'm glad you mentioned it as I was poking around on E-signal's website. Maybe I'll see if i can get a trial.

    I've been reading and searching in the forum trying to figure out things that are good to go with. I'm on like page 7 of this software forum.

    I've got ninja downloaded on my PC, gotta see if I can get this thing to work.

    It seems multicharts is similiar to TS, so I will look more into it.

    Any and all suggestions are more than welcome. This will mainly be used for daytrading, although i would like a platform I can backtest and write whatever strategies or studies I'd like with the software.

    I've still got other option strategies I research, so the ability to come up with something like TS's radar screen would be great.
  10. Not sure, anybody that can correct me please do so, but I think that only tickquest has anything similar to radarscreen.
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