Anyone have the formula for Connor's CVR?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by TSaimoto, Sep 28, 2002.

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    well, title explains it.
  2. I think it is CRV if I am not mistaken and there are like eight of them -- which one are you looking for?

    Why not just buy the book and then write your own formula for it?
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    Give me all of them... he he he...

    I just had a few ideas with VIX and ADX. Wanted to see if Connor's stuff has some good inputs for it.
  4. Connors work is pretty solid. Check out some of his stuff on trading markets -- that should give you an idea of what his signals are about.
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    I want the formula... Bwaaahhhh!!!!:(

    ToT *whining and crying*
  6. Well then stop being such a cheap ass and put out the 100-200 bucks to get his stuff in book format or the add-on for Tradestation...

    Oh and whats wit the name change?
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    I changed my name because my fortune teller says the handle WDGann adds up to a bad number. No... I'm considering a journal and I didn't want to limit myself to Gann Analysis. Some things I use can be misleading to Gann enthusiasts.

    I also felt like I needed a change. I'm going to become a independent trader soon, also. Don't tell my boss, he he he LOL
  8. What do you mean by formula??

    There is 3 patterns that compose connors volatility reversals. 3 longs and 3 shorts. No formulas. Unless you have a specific software platform in mind. If your looking for a program with these preprogramed try Neoticker.

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    I don't need the code, just a concept of how he uses it.
  10. This from Mister Name-Change himself. :):):):)

    (i.e. J_Commisso, Commisso, Publias, PubliasEnigma, etc...)
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