Anyone have "The Day Trader Handbook"?

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    I was wondering if any of you out there have "The Day Trader Handbook" by M.B. KURZENCWYG? I looked around and it seems that the only place you can get it is from a website that charges almost $800 for membership to get the book and access to the actual Camarilla Equation. Has anybody read this book and found it to be useful? IMHO $800 is an awful lot of money for a book and an equation.
  2. Never heard of the book but there are a few threads on ET about the Camarilla equation.
  3. Have you found/read the book now?
  4. You really dont need the camarilla equation. Search the site for comments relating to this. Use the search function at the top right hand part of the home screen.
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    I am the one who invented the Camarilla Equation. It’s M.B. Kurzencwyg. I have read through this entire thread and some person on this thread made an outrageous claim that I am wanted by the SEC! I am not even in the SEC database or the CFTC’s database for that matter. Websites out there like surefirething created an imaginary person called Nick Stotts who they claim was a bond trader at the CBT. That name does not even show up in the NFA or CFTC database.

    They created that person to sell subscriptions to their site and discredit me all for the almighty dollar.

    It’s now 32 and 1/2 years since I discovered the Camarilla formula and to this day it works perfectly. If I knew that some diabolical person would try to defame me to make a buck I would have never written my book The Day Trader Handbook. But in retrospect I am glad I did, I have helped thousands upon thousands of people to make a profit trading the R/S levels.

    I wish you all great success in your trading.

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    strange ....
    You woke up after 2 decades.
    and you created a new nick just to respond to this 'dead' thread.

    I wish you all great success in your trading.
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    Only saw the thread today.