Anyone have Mirus with Dorman?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ArkhamB, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Are the daily statements they send via email impossible to decipher if you make more than one trade a day?

    Anytime I have more than one trade, the trades are just listed sequentially lowest ES entry/exit to highest ES entry/exit.

    10/05/0 KB4K F1 2............DEC 10 EMINI S&P 500 16 1133.50 US
    10/05/0 KARB F1 .......2.....DEC 10 EMINI S&P 500 16 1133.75 US
    10/05/0 KA21 F1 .......2.....DEC 10 EMINI S&P 500 16 1134.00 US
    10/05/0 KA8X F1 2............DEC 10 EMINI S&P 500 16 1134.50 US
    10/05/0 KA4D F1 2...........DEC 10 EMINI S&P 500 16 1135.00 US
    10/05/0 KBVF F1 .......2....DEC 10 EMINI S&P 500 16 1135.00 US

    I put the periods in by the buy/sell amount to keep the 2's under the buy or sell column, cause ET was just compressing the spaces.

    Should I be trying to figure out the Settlement code to know the order of the trades?

  2. I have (had) AMP with Dorman, and yes their statements are impossible to decipher. I just look at the start and end amounts! For the rest, check NinjaTrader's execution reports.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm using Esignal, and they unfortunately don't keep a log of trades. So I guess I'm going to have to start recording trades, unless there is some way to import and decipher Dormans reports into Excel.