Anyone have lasik eye surgery done?

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  1. Seriously considering it, just getting tired of these glasses. Any feedback?
  2. You can buy a do it yourself kit on line for about $100, I don't think it comes with anti biotics, probably have to get that on the street.

  3. I hope that is not seriously available to people. lol
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    I had it done back in the mid 90's.

    I was very nearsighted before and have roughly 20/30 during the day and maybe
    20/40 or so at night. I have glasses I rarely wear that correct me to 20/20.

    Back then it couldn't correct astigmatism
    whereas now I think it does.

    My eyes took several months to stabilize.
    Which had me worried for awhile.
    The norm is two weeks or was back then.

    If I had to choose again I'd still do it.
    I don't think I'd take the risk though for only a minor correction.
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    My girl is an Ophthalmologist and does a lot of Lasik at one of the top NYC offices. She says that almost everyone who has Lasik is back with problems 10-15 years later.

    Lasik literally cuts and burns away parts of your eye. Use common sense, long term you will have consequences.
  6. I remember several recent stories, that the difference between doctors who are the most experienced and doctors who are the least experienced doing it, was a 10-fold difference in complications (something like 99.5% success vs. 95%).

    In other words, the most important thing, is getting a very well-established, very experienced center that specializes in Lasik and doesn't do it on the side. Try to dig for their reputation, as well. And DON'T let them pawn you off onto their "intern" or "recent hire" LOL. Demand to have your procedure done with the most experienced doctor there.

    Don't shop around for bargains. These are your eyes, after all...
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    wow - thanks for the link.
    I have been thinking about it.
  9. I had it done in the 90s in Boston. I needed glasses/contacts at first only for distance then all day. Paid $5000.

    My vision was fantastic at first & for a few years I was very happy with it & would reccommend it to anyone. Then my eyesite started to deteriorate again. Now, I would say it's back to what it was before the lasik, although I'm not positive, since I haven't had my eyes checked recently. But I can't see very well for distance again. Also, when driving at night the lights bother my eyes.

    If I was told if I had it done again it would work long-term, I would do it again, but not if it would wear off again.

    Good luck
  10. Some good info, esp that link. Makes you think twice about messing w/ your eyes, that's for sure. As much as I hate wearing glasses, further homework is needed before I consider it.
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