Anyone have experience with Rick Burgess?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by tradermann455, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. I can find nothing on this board about him, good or bad. I see he was supposed to be on the boards chat room on 5/1. Anyone read his materials for e-mini trading? Thanks.
  2. kserra


    He writes a column bi weekly for , I find the column to be very vague in terms of his actual strategy however his insight is very valuable. He usually writes about things like losing streaks, the psychology of trading you know the basic sorts of things.

    I have no idea how good of trader he is but I would assume from his writings that he knows what he is talking about, I also believe that he has been around the business for a while now.

    It is probably a good thing he is so vague because most of his strategies would not apply to most traders as he is a floor trader.
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    I have talked to Rick on the phone some. He is a fellow Chicago trader, trading in the pits (I forget which.) He loves to talk trading, and goes out of his way to say whatever he can to help.

    I do not know how good a trader he is, and I have never seen his video materials.

  4. I know Rick personally and can tell you a little about his trading. I've seen him live in the markets behind the screen, but not on the floor. His upstairs style of trading is clear and concise, uses good strong technical analysis, is based on momentum and of course, stresses discipline and money management. Rick does a great job of applying a floor trader's mentality to an upstairs style of trading.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh and Rick did do an E.T. interview:
  5. Thanks for the replys. I was hoping someone had taken his Secrets of a Pit Trader course. That and the Chris Curran course looked interesting, although I don't currently have the money to buy either one the moment. With so many courses out there it is hard to decipher which ones are of value. Although from reading this board I have found out that most are a waste.