Anyone have experience with Photon or futurespath trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by taclander, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Would be interested in any input someone may have about these firms and more specifically the training program they talk about. Feel free to p.m. any information if you don't want to post here.
  2. I (We) use Photon every day for our fund. I don't have any experience with their training program though. So, questions about the platform I can answer - questions about the training program I can probably find out about but someone else on here probably has better info.

  3. Thanks, at least someone knows the platform. Anyone with information on the firm that would be great.
  4. Nice people. Will let you rent a desk in the roon for a decent price. No prop, just arcade. Most likely, good guidance from Jeff. No downside? They do not do they're own clearing and charge .50 per side for their platfrom and .50 for clearing. This can get expensive. Will most likely will cut you a deal if very high volume. On the other hand, Advantage rents out a space for $300 a month(either cme of cbot building, you have to buy your own computer and multi-screen setup) only charges .50(they do their own clearing). Both claim about a .50 millisecond fill.

    Es Master:)
  5. Ok, thanks ES. I thought I saw on the FuturesPath that they offered .35 a side commission. Do you join the company and get member exchange fees? At Advantage you will also have a platform fee varying according to the platform used.
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    I believe Photon Path has some relationship to GETCO. Check out the partners/owners list and that of GETCO.

    Not sure what this says other than the possible level of technology...
  7. I tried to check GETCO at NFA, but get nothing, and really didn't get much off their website. Did you find more information on them somewhere? Thanks
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    Word of mouth who knew a partner at GETCO was also listed as a parter at Photon.