Anyone have experience with Bloomberg?

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  1. How do you open a bloody chart?
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    Type GM and then hit F8 Key which is for equity, and gip for intraday, gp for longer term, or set up graph template via G with you favourite study
  3. Well I did it yessss.
  4. Hi,

    thanks for your help, how would you open a level II screen?
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    Sorry, I do not know, tacmot
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  7. Why do the top of the Bloomie charts remind me of an old DOS program that I used to work with?


  8. The charts in Launch Pad look look great, the charts you open in the default screens have all the data at the top, I am just now looking into the currency features, like forwards.

    I should have everything figured out by this time next year.
  9. can one do correlation studies over say a 6 month , one yr or longer time frame with any financial instrument against another
    using a Bloomberg Terminal ?
  10. It's been a while since I last used Bloomberg, but the answer is -- yes, very easily. With the CORR function, you can create and save (for future instant use) up to 20 correlation matrices, each with up to 10 (I think) variables. They can be tradable instruments as well as asset classes, economic numbers or any other data series. Any user-specified date range and frequency -- you can go back decades if the data series existed. Also shows t-stats and significance levels.
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