Anyone have experience of RTS (Realtime Trading Systems) software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by zeeuk, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. zeeuk



    Do you trade with RTS, perhaps have done in the past or know someone who does?

    What do you think of the performance, price and support compared to other systems. Any practical advice is appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. I think they work with institutional traders only. Not clear what exactly they do from their website. Very vague.
  3. Its very expensive but their platforms are some of the fastest out there. Thats basically all i know
  4. rosy2


    i used it a years ago. the only downside is that you had to write algo code in tango which is there proprietary language.
  5. zeeuk


    Thank you all.

    Rosy2 - is their language similar to anything off the shelf (e.g. VB script or something)? And did you use it - is it user friendly?
  6. t482


    Evaluated them a while ago.

    Very strong backtesting platform
    Strong for development
    Grew out of the Eurex - german company
    Tango is fairly powerful - I think they also have some kind of C++ api as well.
    Run their own network and platform (similar to TTNET)

  7. Haven't used it, but it looks like RTD Tango allows you to run VBA/Matlab scripts.
  8. zeeuk


    thanks guys.

    t482 - i didn't know they were ex-eurex (DTB I guess).
    Was cost the reason why you don't use them. May I ask who you use instead?