Anyone have any information on chimera?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Mikegoldmann, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for a prop firm. Does anyone have information on Chimera?
    If so, please post your experience with them.

  2. mews


    They are a pretty good firm from what I hear, CBSX broker dealer that has floor in NY, Boston and one out in LA I believe. They offer Anvil to trade on.
  3. What state are you in? Do you want to go into an office or be remote?
  4. I could go either way. But an office environment is preferred. I enjoy the synergy and dynamics of working with other traders. I am in Los Angeles and there are not a lot of options out here offices.

    Who are you with?

  5. punter


    i didn't realize i'd have pms from this asking about chimera.

    its not my place to judge the entire organization based on 1 branch, they have several. If you live in la, boston, ny, just send them an email. if they don't respond, then it doesn't matter. if they do, you've just saved yourself a ridiculous amount of misinformation and time.

    in fact, when it comes to any firm on these boards, just sacking up and contacting them is the best advice i can give. anything else you read on these boards about a specific prop firm thats overly enthusiastic/negative is either from:

    a. a noob outside of the industry
    b. someone too lazy to contact directly
    c. someone too timid
    d. someone who can't get a reply back

    maybe i'm a shill for them? and ephiphany. and altrion. and wts. and basically everybody on the planet i have an opinion on. just contact them directly.
  6. what was their profit split?
  7. I've had some correspondence through email with Chimera, they're a legit firm and registered through CBSX, which means traders do not need a Series 7 unlike brokers that are registered with NASD. However, they require a capital contribution if you're an experienced trader, so that's when I stopped my due diligence. If you're new to the industry, then you may wish to check them out, as unlike most other prop/daytrade firms, they do not charge for training. Hope that helps.
  8. fogut


    Are you sure that Chimera requires a capital contribution if you're an experienced trader ? I did not know that.