Anyone have any good articles on the performance of REITs

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  1. I was just wondering what is the return on investment / cash flow of REITs.

    There is an opportunity presented to me, which would return ~ 13% return (just the cash flow), however that is leverage 3:1.

    Just wondering how this compared to the returns REITs give.

  2. There is a ton of information about REITs on the internet, just use Google.

    As far as your deal is concerned, make sure you aren't being Madoffed.
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    You should be able to buy a few REITS, collect dividends, sell some calls against them, and collect 13% without any leverage.
  4. .....during a sustained bull market. :cool:
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    or even a flat market
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    There is a good book out about REITs (how to select them) by a guy named Ralph Block.