Anyone have any experience with Remote Day Trader

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Spend905, May 6, 2012.

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    Howdy Folks,

    This is my first post on elite trader, long term reader, first time writer I guess. Anyways, I have recently been looking to take my trading tot he next level, get licensed, and make a move to a prop firm. I cam across Remote Day Trader, which is a part of Hold Brothers LLC, but just can't seem to find much information on them.

    Obviously, I will be contacting them on Monday to do some research myself, but I would enjoy a first hand experience. I am looking to trade remote, put a risk deposit of 10-15k, and use my own strategies. Not interested in a whole lot of training, and the ability to hold overnight isn't a pro or con for me, as my trades will be intraday.

    Anyways, if anyone has any experience with Remote Day Trader, or any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
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    Hey man,

    Please share what you found. I would like to know. Thanks!