Anyone have any experience with Avatar or 3D trading

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by centsible, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I have traded retail for many years and I'm thinking about going to prop for a better rate and greater buying power.
    Any comments on 3D or Avatar.
    3D uses Blackwood and Avatar uses Anvil.

  2. cstfx


    Avatar uses Lightspeed as well. Or at least they did. Don't know if the Schonfeld/Lightspeed merger changed any of that.

    Good place, good vibe. Owners "appear" to be ok, but haven't traded with them to verify their honesty. They claim no volume or commitments, so I don't know how that translates into the rates they will give you.

    If your decision is about platform, then look to the Anvil, as it has been highly praised here. Blackwood has been known to been know to be a little buggy.

    I know, not much help. Good Luck, tho.
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    As a follow up, SMB Capital is now has their trading floor at the same address as Avatar and they now use Anvil. So, don't know if this means Avatar acquired them or vice versa, or they are just renting space from Avatar. You can see this on their respective web pages.
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    I have not heard of 3D. Who are they? Where is there office- midtown or downtown?

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    What's so professional about 4 to 1 Intraday Leverage, 2 to 1 Overnight? Firm looks like nothing special.
  6. Remotedaytrader is a website used to promote Hold Brothers. They use the Graybox software and is located in White Plains. They have no connection to Blackwood. They offer 80 to 1 leverage and rates at 0.002/share.