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    I was just looking at a chart on yahoo and noticed something I found to be very strange. Everyone talks about the PPT but other than speculation we have no proof that they interfere on a daily basis. Could someone take a look at the picture I attached and tell me what would cause this kind of anomaly. It raises a few suspicions in mind, seems like there really could be someone keeping this market from going down.
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    Do they just show Gap ups as a bar with all of the overnight volume as a single bar? If so why do they put this bar on the day before and not the first bar in the morning?
  3. Pretty sure those are all of the MOC orders.
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    So this is a continuous inefficiency?
  5. No. The close doesn't "predict" the next day's opening. :cool:
  6. I do believe in the PPT, but I think in the given instances the actual solution is probably a squeeze.
    All those spikes are at a similar price. Someone had a large buy order to cover his shorts or someone had to cover losing longs. Then everyone just jumped on the band wagon. Probably a combination of program trading and the "herd".
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    doesnt have to be ppt, morgan ,goldman want to paint the tape for a great 1st qrtr,end of month window dressing
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