anyone have a thesis as to why the USD didn't close on its lows today?

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  1. anyone have a thesis as to why the USD didn't close on its lows today?
  2. short covering........
  3. don't buy it...why would you cover a short USD position on a day like today with indicies closing on their lows and everyone beginning to scream rate cut again?
  4. thesis? Isn't that a body of work based on a theory? I think the correct term for your question would be theory. Back to your work.

    Prof. Rennick out:cool:
  5. If we go into recession Europe will be cutting rates.

    Dollar has probably bottomed out.

  6. because inflation is rearing its ugly head and the FED will not lower rates as much as anticipated.

    They will make it easier for banks to borrow through open market operations in order to restore confidence instead of aggressively lowering rates.
  7. Sovereign wealth fund bailout. USD/CAD trade closed just about even. Only one that moved against the dollar that I am watching was the (VND) Vietnamese Dong which closes under 16k.

  8. LT701


    because it didn't

    really, that's the only thing that can be known
  9. exactly.there is a concern that europe will fall into recession.
  10. By dollar you mean the EURUSD?

    It is trading in a range, not trending, so ANYTHING may happen.

    Actually expect chopiness/nonsense, from ranging markets.
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