Anyone have a "night job?"

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  1. Since the market is open during the day, do any of you have night jobs?

    You could work part time at a Grocery store a few nights a week... the pay would suck, BUT some grocery stores will give you good benefits even if you're part time. Last time I checked, day trading didn't give med/den/vis insurance :)

    So does anyone do this? Where do you work and how many hours?
  2. I pimp in the evenings after the market closes. I send out mah honeys and they earn me big bucks. The only downside is having to rough up some of the johns and getting hassled by the fuzz....:mad:
  3. I do tech support after 4 till 9. Full week with the weekends off and full benefits. Most of the time its so slow i look at charts anyway so its not a bad backup if things arent going well during a month.
  4. I was able to change my hours some so I can watch the grain markets. I work from 12:30 to 9:00 P.M.
  5. I moved to a second shift position and took a cut in pay in order to trade during the day. Fortunatly I dont have anybody to look over my shoulder right now as I am the boss.:)
  6. I work weekends.
  7. I had to worry about this till I became profitable. Hope you guys make it there one day.
  8. Well after the market closes at 4.14 i take a bus fom port authority to atlantic city
    I play craps and try to make part time money playing craps :D
    free dinner and a nice trip
    :( :) :p :mad:
  9. Now thats not nice.

    Some of us work other ventures because we enjoy them. Example, I am in the music business, I trade M-F and gig Thu-Sunday (night)... And I am in the studio in the evenings M-W/Th

    Not sure what others do. :)


  10. Agreed!

    If you have to work part time in a grocery store for benefits, uh trading isn't your gig. There are plenty of affordable insurance plans out there that range from as low as $50 - 150 per month. I only play 75/month for 1500 deductable and $30 office visits. If you can't afford $100/month for insurance...........

    Why in the hell would I stock shelves or check the mass population of idiots out at a grocery store. Sorry, I got into this game to leave the necessary tasking in daily society to the lemmings.

    Get profitable, get a career or grow up.
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