Anyone have a good source for historical "shares outstanding" information

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ericholtman, May 18, 2011.

  1. I currently use CSIData for daily OHLCV data.

    I'm considering paying up for their historical database of all stocks, including delisted ones, so that I can augment our backtesting to eliminate (some) survivorship bias.

    However, some of our models use marketcap as an input, and so I'd need to find shares outstanding information for some older stocks (think, went tits up during the Internet bubble, etc).

    I know I can easily get this information from Yahoo and elsewhere for currently trading issues.

    I also know I can get this information from places like FactSet or Comstock, if I am willing to pay six or seven figures for it.

    Is there some sweet spot at a lower price point that I'm overlooking?
  2. CSIData is excellent for the EOD price data, but they do not sell historic financials.

    There's a screening tool in open beta testing at; that includes past financials for all US stocks, including the delisted issues, back about fifteen years. That might help you out.