Anyone has TICK data in IB

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  1. Hi,

    I'm not getting any TICK data in IB, is it just me or somebody else experiencing the same issue?

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  2. No, they say they're working on this issue.
  3. OK, thanks Granville.

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  4. Sarvise,

    IB sends ONLY snapshots, that is not real tickdata. I'm not sure, but I think that - depending on the symbol you subscribe - you get something between 3 and 10 ticks per sec maximum.

  5. Thanks TrailingStop, I know, but right now I'm not getting any data at all, that's why I was asking (to see if it was a problem at my end or theirs). Thanks for the clarification, though.

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  6. OK - I see. Do not have any problems here (germany).
  7. IB: It would have been nice to get a flash bulletin in TWS about this issue! As it's quite serious for many traders.

    Whenever I start receving TICK-NYSE data again, I'll post again. Would appreciate if anyone else did the same.
  8. moarla


    no problems here - Italy
  9. Strange that some receive data but not others.

    I have not seen any TICK-NYSE data today and I'm in Sweden.
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