Anyone has guts to short FPP or PDO?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by freewilly, May 21, 2008.

  1. They may be good companies, but the prices have just gone up too fast. At some point, they will take a break, but where?

    I am really tempted, but I didn't do it. Instead, i bought few DCR.
  2. you cant get PDO or MXC short. FPP you might be able to.

    also you do understand how DCR works, correct?
  3. Bootsie


    The fund closes in a couple of months... fyi
  4. Bootsie


    June 25.

    Now, from a purely technical basis, getting 30 to 60% on a move in DCR isn't out of the question - Oil may continue .... it may not... but the problem is that everyone is trying to pick a bottom on this thing... and we all know what happens to bottom pickers.

  5. correct...i have been short it for awhile now.
  6. gaj


    i'm in both as of this afternoon. wish me luck.

    (FPP, PDO).

    MXC is on the reg SHO list, was on it yesterday as well.