Anyone Had this Problem with Extended Display?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cdntrader, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Anyone Had this Problem with Extended Display?

    I just got a 24 inch monitor to use with my 17" laptop. When I extend the display using the new monitor, I get this dead area in the upper right hand corner where it won't allow me to move charts. I'm guessing its a resolution problem of some type?

  2. Are you using Windows OS? (If so) Which version of Window? Do you see 2 rectangles in the Display Control? Do they line up?

  3. Windows 7.

    Using the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel - Graphic Properties>>Multiple Displays from right click menu on the desktop it shows displays 1 and 2. they don't line up in the Positioning picture if that is what you mean?

    edit: Think I found the problem. I had the lid closed on the laptop and that somehow created the dead zone on the 24" monitor. Now it's working with the laptop cover closed. False alarm I guess.

  4. I am not familiar with the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel.

    I think you should use the display control that is provided by Windows (Win7).

    Start >> Control Panel >> Adjust screen resolution.

    You should see something like this: 2 rectangles representing the monitors "1" and "2". Line them up and "OK".

  5. Thanks. I'll try it if I have anymore problems.
  6. I do 3d graphics with a laptop and 23" monitor. I would suggest on most applications that you shut the laptop screen down when working... Ideally use an external keyboard too.

    The 23" monitor needs a VGA monitor cable connection to have a decent picture. HDMI will occasionally screw up the applications image quality....

    This happens to me on all Samsung monitors...
  7. Yes this is exactly what I ended up doing. Thanks.