anyone had interest in EHANG? (EH)

Discussion in 'Options' started by ggelitetrader000, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Ehang seems chinese urban mobility company basically human size drone which can transport 1-2 ppl. Currently, alas they got no stock options available, only stocks, but cheap. 10$ now and at least on NASDAQ 3.2 Million shares. I am not sure how many shares they have floating on other markets including domestic turf.

    They claim to have built working relationship with mostly EUropian government as well as Chinese domestic for test.

    Seems like first company to commercialize it. Any opinion?
    I am not aware of their competition. I have been hearing on the corners of the internet here and there, flying taxi etc etc from unknown small startups. Search for EH competitiors reveals mostly DJI and other recreational (not human sized) drones as EH also make small recreational drones too.
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    Average daily trading volume is 15 k. It is too small to trade. Maybe it is worth accumulating as a long term hold.
  3. yeah no question about it. But I am just wondering if they are going to be a mainstream knowledge that they pioneering the UAM (urban air mobility) and hyped up like past stock: NIO, BYND, TLRY and the likes. Image people stampeding to get share of only available 3.2M shares.