Anyone growing tired of the White House Propaganda Minster Robert Gibbs?

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  1. This guy is horrible!! Obama should fire his ass. I'm growing tired of his attacks on CNBC and Rick Santelli. It's not the white house's place to attack the free press.
  2. Oh, you mean the New World Order, that organization has been in shambles since the 60s. The group bent on world domination these days are the genetic engineers bent on fulfilling Hitler's dream of a master race. They have no formal name and operate in the shadows. They are less than a year away from creating the perfect being.

    The New World Order would first have to destroy these plans before they can implement their own. However, as we all know, the NWO has lost trillions in the stock market as of late and the current generation are a shadow of their forefathers.
  3. WTF, I just posted total bullshit. Are you telling me that's an actual theory? :p :p :p :p :D
  4. I did a quick google search on Alex Jones and that info wars site was the first result. Some user named ARESH0LE or something along those lines copies and pastes articles from there all the time, but I've never actually read them or ever visited the site.

    I find it hilarious that my imaginary made-up bullshit is actually preached and followed. :D
  5. I guess you like absolute assholes such as

    Ari Fleischer
    Scott McLellan
    Can't say anything bad about Tony Snow since he is dead therefore I won't say anything.
    That bitch Dana Perino

    Common to all is complete lack of conscience and an acidic personality (the only type that would serve W)

    I like Robert Gibbs.
  6. That "bitch" Dana Perino??????

    What is it with liberals and accomplished women? None of you can post an intelligent comment about a conservative woman. It's always "c***" or "b****".

    You want to lynch Pabst, yet you see nothing wrong about this type of language. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?
  7. Well, FYI Dana Perino was not the first woman press secretary. Dee Dee Myers was that.

    It is not about successful women, it is about personalities. Dana Perino was(is) a bitch. Dee Dee Myers was not.

    Democratic party does a lot more for women's rights than Republican.
  8. cstfx


    Uh...where did he say Dana Perino was the first? You are so zealous in your attacks you can't even fucking read. So much for the liberalized schools programs, heh?
  9. He said what is it with liberals and accomplished women? And I pointed out that liberals have no issue with accomplished women and used dee dee myers as an example.
  10. Whats with his new age whimpy pink and purple ties. What happened to the Red power tie.
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