Anyone got insane HD special (sale)?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Avalanche, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. other than ebay and doing a froogle search anyone see any great HD specials lately, either on the web, or via a compusa.

    preferabled 2-3 hundred gigs, 7200 or beter rpm's, etc.

    this windows media center (DVR) is really sucking up my HD space, need some additional gig's soon. :p

  2. huangks


    not exactly insane though :D

    Make sure you keep record of the rebate.

    They did not pay mine about 6 months ago. Seagate asked me to send the rebate again, I told them to keep the $40 bucks rebate n shove it up.... I stop buying Seagate HD since.
  3. batam1


    If you are in the west coast I say keep your eye in FRY's Electronics, I just saw a 200 GB Western Digital for $40.00 bucks (after rebate – I know I hate rebates too), The best day to buy is THURSDAY's they have a ONE DAY SALE that have some unique prices, and Friday’s sales go on for five days. These sales show-up on theSan Jose Mercury Newspaper ( they had a AMD 4800 X 2 processor and mother board for $499.00!.

    If you are not in the bay area, then have a friend or call Fry's. Their OUTPOST prices do not matches the newspapers sales.

    That is about the only advantage of been in this area, because everything else is extremely expensive.
  4. moonpi


    I agree, you simply cannot beat some of Fry's deals. They've got plenty of them in the Dallas area too.


    what do you guys think of this one?

    Dell Precision Workstation 670 Intel® Xeon™ Processor 3.00GHz, 2MB L2 Cache

    2nd Processor Intel® Xeon™ Processor 3.00GHz, 2MB L2 cache

    Memory 2GB,DDR SDRAM

    Graphic Cards 128MB PCIe x16 ATI FireGL V3100, Dual VGA or DVI + VGA Capable

    First Hard Drive 73GB Ultra 320 SCSI, 1 inch (15,000 rpm)

    Hard Drive Configuration C6- All SCSI drives, Non-RAID, for 1 or 2 drive total configuration

    File System NTFS File System

    Hard Drive Internal Controller Options U320 SCSI Integrated Controller - For Connecting Internal Hard Drives
  6. ler


    Among Office Depot's weekend specials is a 100GB Maxtor drive (yeah, not one of the huge ones) for $100 with $80 in rebates ==> $20. This deal is still good through Saturday, 10/1.

    The box that arrived had a "20GB Bonus" sticker and contained a 120GB drive.

    Lessee.... 17 cents/GB, sigh... a trader's work is never done, gotta keep correcting those mispricings in the market(s).