Anyone got a synopsis of what the GOP solutions are for the USA

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  1. Anytime I tuned it was pretty much just attacks on the current administration.

    But does anyone have a list of concrete plans if they win.

    I know they say extension of bush taxes but what else?

    If you want to sell the public you need to offer a concrete plan that will entice people to vote. Just complaining about the President is not enough.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    You mean like Hope and Change?
  3. Brass


    The Master Plan:

    1. Cut taxes.
    2. Cut spending.
    3. Privatize everything.
    4. Pray.
    5. Repeat.
  4. bush 2

    the only question is are americans stupid enough to fall for it twice.
  5. Yep, just get rid of the Muslim socialist born in Kenya, that should do it.:D

    Ann Coulter told em, Chris Christie or the GOP loses, and you know what, she is right, no question about it.
  6. Don't you wish you could do something other than pound the keyboard:D :D
  7. So far no serious answer. That is concerning. So nobody knows what the GOP is offering.
  8. Dated, but I doubt it's changed much.

    From another article:
    What is Romney's plan, exactly? He broke it down for Fortune into five categories: (1) Aggressively promote domestic energy development, especially fossil fuels. (2) Expand the market for U.S. goods overseas by negotiating new trade agreements and standing up to China on intellectual-property and currency issues. (3) Improve workforce skills by transferring job-training programs to the states and going after teachers' unions, which, he says, stand in the way of school choice and better instruction. (4) Attack the deficit through budget cuts, not tax increases. And (5), reshape the regulatory climate to "encourage and promote small business" rather than swamp it. That last item covers his most consistent and passionate campaign pledge, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act -- "reshaping health care reform," he says, "by replacing Obamacare with measures that will bring down the cost of health insurance rather than, as Obamacare does, increasing it."
  9. Has anyone noticed that the Romney advisor behind the ‘Romney Economic Boom’ is the guy responsible for one of the most spectacularly wrong and wildly optimistic economic predictions of the 1990s?

    This week the Romney campaign was knocked on its heels by a study which suggested that Romney’s tax plan would — in addition to giving a windfall to the wealthiest Americans — increase taxes on 95% of Americans. So the guy who’s running for President to turn back President Obama’s supposedly high-taxing and deficit creating ways would actually raise taxes on virtually everyone and also explode the deficit.

    But, wait, there’s more!

    Now, one of Romney’s problems in this debate is that he’s actually been extremely resistant about releasing any actual information about what’s in his plan. And that’s forced analysts to make various assumptions about what he’d actually do.

    But the campaign’s main campaign angle has been to posit a Romney Economic Boom that would take hold on Romney’s election. So basically, all the formula and modeling doesn’t really matter because Romney’s policies would spur such massive growth that tax revenues just couldn’t help but go up and everyone would do great.

    So a typical supply-side argument. But just look who the campaign is putting forward as the expert on the Romney Economic Boom. I’m sort of surprised no one has pointed this out. It’s none other than Kevin Hassett.

    Who’s Kevin Hassett? Well, he’s none other than the coauthor of the spectacularly boomtime late 90s bestseller Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting from the Coming Rise in the Stock Market. As TPM Reader WM points out, not only was the book amazingly wrong and basically assumed the tech boom was permanent, the whole concept was based on the idea that stocks should be valued on a “formula that double-counted earnings and dividends. A true classic in wingnut economics.”

    Now, just to clarify: Dow 36,000.

    This is the expert people are supposed to trust when we’re told that the economy will grow so fast that normal tax analysis pretty much won’t matter any more in the Romney Economic Boom?
  10. more verbatim cut n paste .

    Not even the first sentence was your own.
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