Anyone gone from day trading to position trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chipmunk, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. If so care to tell why? Most people here seme to be day traders or have gone frm position tradingn to day trading...It'd be nice to hear of people who have done the opposite and your reasons why.
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    too scary to hold overnight these days but i much prefer swing trading over daytrading...
  3. why? I have been short JRCC and dRYS for a few weeks now and going well. What's the "danger"?
  4. Why would ANYONE want to do this? I don't care how great of a longer-term trader you are, the technicals don't make sense on longer-term charts. The pictures are sooo clear on intra-day charts, but there is no way to be consistently profitable on a longer-term basis with all this craziness.

    Just my two cents! :D
  5. Just the bag holders
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    I've thought of it for the simple reason that volatility has spiked so much and there is so much more fundamental news mixed with emotion driving the market that its more effective to position trade than day trade at times. You can also try to anticipate the gaps which can be risky. In really depends because if you day trade you are usually a lot more leverage than if you position trade. At the present volatility of this market, being too leveraged can wipe your account in an instant especially if you get emotional. So its a trade off. If ever it would be an adjustment of strategy as to the reason for the switch. But then again, you can always decrease size day trading. Also, spending less time on the screen would be a huge reason as well for switching.

    I always like to think every trader has an optimal level of volatility they are accustomed to after which their strategy begins to falter. Dunno.