Anyone going to this seminar?

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    It will cost you happiness and success your entire life.

    Trading the Stock, futures and currency markets can be fun and profitable when you learn how the market will tell you exactly what is happening. Learn the only non-variable that lets you know exactly when to enter and exit a trade. Who else wants to join me for this life changing event.

    You have more ability than you think. Learn to be sure where the market is going and when to trade for max profits. Smart traders are taking advantage of the first U.S. seminar offered by Logical Market Trends from July 25-28 at Wright State University in Celina, Ohio. The four days and access to the website for one year is discounted for this life changing event at $2750.00. Future seminars will be much more and the last two in Singapore were sold out.

    Who else wants TRUE FREEDOM of wealth and stress free time to enjoy it?

    Email today before it is too late….change your future….OPEN YOUR MIND !

    This is the only email you will receive about this seminar.


  2. Sign me up :D

    Where did this come from LOL ?
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    So do you think I should go? I'm afraid that if I don't go, it may cost me my happiness and succes my entire life.
  4. The price is obviously a total bargain. BTW, you can get a couple of good mechanical systems for trading ES for much less from a good buddy of mine. Only 20 copies for sale, as we are not interested in these systems becoming diluted, as we use them themselves. Contact me via PM if you are interested...

    Sorry if this sounds as advertising, but sometimes the best way to show you how good his 'bargain' is is by countering it with a real bargain... I won't do it again unless in the classifieds section where it seems to belong.
  5. u gotta be kidding me. ProfLogic strikes again? What a frigging parasite.
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    Electron, I am interested. But will it bring me TRUE FREEDOM?
  7. Were you born yesterday?
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    Yes, I am 1 day old...soon to be starring in the next Looks Who's Talking with John Travolta.
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    Does the offer come with a free set of ginzu knives?
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    Go and find happiness. If you hesitate, it might disappear on you forever!!!!

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