Anyone going to the FIA Expo?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Maverick74, Nov 8, 2006.

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    The FIA expo is Nov 28th to the 30th. Anyone in Chicago going? Is ET going to be there?
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    Bueler? Bueler?
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  4. He is sick...:)

    Would you recommend this expo to retail trader ? They say "focus on options this year" , interesting...
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    FIA is pretty top notch as it focuses on options and futures. The vendors there are pretty top notch. No red light/green light crap. There are some hedge funds that will be there and groups that help fund traders. So bring your business cards and track record! Plus it's great to see the new top of the line software out there and of course meet other traders.

    BTW, I have a way to get free passes to the expo if anyone is interested.
  6. mav,

    free passes for the seminar package , just the exhibit hall or both?


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    Just the exibit hall surf. The full pass is like $650. That's a little harder to get for free. :)
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    I will be there, looking forward to it. I'm all about free :D!
  9. Hello, I am interested in a ticket to the exibit hall for the '06 FIA Expo. Could you tell me how to get them? Thanks, Tim
  10. Any comments on FIA ? I wanted to go, but I couldn't justify the $900 plus hotel and airfare.

    BTW, I would have been more interested if I could have attended the expo free.
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