Anyone going long at the open or near it today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a bounce upwards to scalp some upside or should I hold off?
  2. The market isnt even open yet, no data has been printed during regular hours yet. How can you deide to do something like this w/o seeing any action? To me, this is pure gambling.
  3. Just a little oversold last 3 days. Not looking for a 180, hell even a day like yesterday to positive and then a fade is fine with me. Don't think there is any HUGE data. I'm just looking for covering on the following through gap down and a 50 point DOW bounce upwards.
  4. Who isn't going long at the open? Everyone has been so conditioned to buy the gap downs over the past few weeks that you already see the futures well off their lows premarket because people are buying ahead of the open anticipating others to buy the gap down.

    Be careful going long in a bear market.
  5. This is an opinion and trading on opinion isnt a consistent approach.

  6. Okay, opening bounce was made, bye
  7. pumper,i jumped into AKAM at 30.90 pre-mkt and sold at 31.70. had 1000 shares, 800 dollar gain.yeah,i am friggin happy.
  8. fwiw,the easy money was made. i'd be sidelined for the rest of the day if anyone made some nice profits already.
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    hey nyhood do you know pumpanddumper. 85% of your post mention him.
  10. yes i do in a way. he's a good guy and we like shootin the shit.
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