Anyone getting long for the 3:30 bailout?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scriabinop23, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Enter your long entry here.... (BEFORE the PPT comes in)
  2. I was kinda thinking there would be Friday afternoon buy programs. But we will definitely see
  3. I'm net long for this weekend. I figure we had some horrendous news today and the selloff hasn't been ridiculous so there should be some buying at the close. Thoughts?
  4. i laughed when i read the threads title. i think its amusing how we've come to expect "3:30 bailouts"
  5. well, if everyone is looking for it, it probably won't happen. that being said, since I am posting that it probably won't happen, it probably now will happen. so... i'm in for a little nibble, why not :)
  6. [FRE] Today 02:39pm
    Freddie Mac S&P affirms AAA Senior Unsecured ratings, outlook stable

    Is this the news that breaks the shorts?

    Moodies/S&P/Fitch are running this market right now.. They must be getting huge kickbacks from brokers right now.
  7. Reacting is far more easier than predicting but the possibility of being first pleases human desires even if being second makes you more money in the end, it's all about the green.

    Go figure, pure psychology.

  8. It's tempting. Be stupid not to cover and take some profits in case of a little whipsaw.

    Then again, a full blown technical breakdown may happen. It is leap year Friday.:D

    I'm a deer in headlights. Big board may be lighting up automated sells...

    Charlie G. ABK is baloney is done with.:D
  9. Little anticipatory mini spike ahead of the Charlie G special at 3:30. ROFLMAO. This is what we call efficient markets. haha.
  10. Michelle Caruso and her jugs say no, we are going lower lows.:D
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