Anyone getting Long EUR/USD now?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by VisionTrader, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Anyone getting long Euro after today?

    Since the entire world is short how can price go down?:D
  2. I'm opening and closing longs in euro/usd successfully since the beginning of the week.

    It's always good to sell into strength. :D
  3. Same with the CAD. The Canadian news is going on and on about it hitting $0.90 US.

    When the media jumps on the bandwagon time for a drop back to $0.80.
  4. the USD / EUR 1.21 barriers were not touched

    I guess ... and shorts started to cover ?
  5. I was long going into the annoucement and amost covered fearing the stops below 1.21 would be triggered as I slept. I hung in somehow. The buying that came in last night was incredible. I watch futures and at least get a glimpse of the order size. It was incredible, kind of like Desert Storm. Must have been Central Bank and Options protection combined.

    Am flat now waiting.