Anyone getting IB freezups?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by swtrader, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. I seem to be getting some flickers, I dont think it's my internet connection
  2. gkishot


    I am getting it all the time. They blame it on low computer memory.
  3. i dont get it very often, but really seem to be getting it today, about 10 minutes ago, @ 12:45-12:50 CST

    closed a winner early, because on a day like today you can get killed
  4. moarla


    dont have any problem....never had :)
    3 GB memory clean installation, no other software running on that pc, stable Internet connection... thats it--- and always latest version of TWS AND JAVA
  5. I get freeze-ups and I suspect RAM starvation as well. It mostly happens when I open another TWS window and then close it. For instance, if I open the account window or a chart and then close it.
  6. I haven't seen any IB issues this morning. You should also check the java parameters you are using to call TWS. I recently found that I did not have enough memory allocated to each TWS window. The relevant parameter is
    "-Xmx512M" which allocates up to 512mb to each window. This should be adequate. My TWS performance and stability improved dramatically after that change.
  7. Never have freezeups or flickers. 8gb ram, Vista x64.
  8. cstfx


    no freeze-ups. Running TWS on dedicated machine with NT frontend tho so my TWS windows are limited. Using 3meg on XP system. JAVA sucks in this regard because it tends to not release the memory when window is closed.
  9. CONR


    I get the exact same thing ALL the time. IB blames my provider.
  10. RedDuke


    I have the same combination IB + Ninja. 2gb ram on xp professional. No issue at all.
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