Anyone get thinkorswim/TDAmeritrade to waive commissions?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ferrycorsten, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Has any daytraders out there gotten TDAmeritrade to waive the 9.99 ticket charge or at least lower it for stock and options traders?
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    Not for Stock. For options if you do enough volume they will lower or get rid of the ticket charge and you just pay the per option fee plus reg. fees.
  3. you used to be able to get it waived just by asking but that was before the TDA acquisition - the only way to find out now is to ask.
  4. They will lower it if you trade a lot. I got them to lower mine to 7, and heard others have gotten them to lower it to 5.
  5. TD Ameritrade has a series of mutual funds you can trade commission free. I posted a thread about this but got no response. Maybe many users don't know this.
  6. 5 bucks per trade? That still sux.

    Prop lite firms charge .001-.003 per share. Better deal and lightning fast execution.

    So 5 bucks sux.

    Besides, the fucking quotes on Thinkorswim seem to lag.

    What's up with that? 5 bucks per trade and laggy quotes?

    The charts seem to lag also. I compared it to Worden charts and Worden charts seem on time. But then again, Worden has been in this bidness much longer than Wankorswim.
  7. has anyone been able to get the ticket charge removed?
  8. What luck I joined before TDA take over. 1.5$ per option contract, $0.01 per stock unit/$3 min. funded my account with just the minimum 3K