Anyone get hit with"click.livesearchnow" redirect?

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  1. Not sure what my son got into this time, although he swears he wasn't on any funky sites. Either way Everytime I do a search in IE9 using any search engine What ever I click on in the results goes to a redirect site, and it will go to a different one each time you click a link.
    I've used Malwarebytes and it picked up some stuff, but didn't put an end to it. I used Superantispyware and same thing, although it claimed to pick up 333 issues. 98% cookies that supposedly Norton missed and Malwarebytes. Right now I am trying Windows Defender offline, but on the quick scan it found nothing, so trying a full scan.
    I put a new version of Firefox and I don't have the problem using it, but regardless I want to get rid of whatever is causing it in IE9.
    The things I have done are what I found for suggestions on the net, or all ready new to do anyway. Any other thoughts?
  2. Check your dns settings on your connection and proxy settings in your browser.

    Also you could upgrade to IE10 (early release but works fine).
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    note: you add REG_DWORD by right click on space below BHO , new>>DWORD value then double click on its name to change its name to NoExplorer and its value to 1.
  4. Waiting for Win Defender Offline full scan to finish. Into the 3rd hour now, cripes.
    Do you think just upgrading to IE10 would get rid of the redirect? Or wouldn't it be passed to the upgrade?
    I'm looking at my Win 8 Computer registry now while I wait and I see 4 BHO's. One of them in line 1 under data says URLredirectionBHO. The second line has Noexplorer...reg_Dword....0x000000001 (1)
    I have no issues with IE 10 on this computer, so I am assuming that is a normal entry and not a problem BHO.
    I also don't do many searches on this computer, only for a finance site on occasion.
    Thanks for the help, I am hoping this works.
    I may try a system restore next. Otherwise I stick with Firefox from now on.
  5. Hmm just checked my other Win 7 and there is no redirectionbho entry. Now I am wondering if there is something on this one.
  6. Ok, scan over. There is a URLRedirectionBHO, but it has NoExplorer type reg_Dword and 0x00000001 (1).
    So if I get what you posted it should be blocked.
  7. Just had this...roguekiller then quick scans with superantispyware and mbam got rid of it...not sure which of the three got rid of it but no more problems....
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    I got it this weekend as well. Mbam solved it for me.

    Two files in $recyclebin
  9. Not sure but it might at least offer to remove them.

    It keeps asking me if it can remove add-ons (ones that I want, so in my case it is very annoying).

    "Internet Explorer 10 is designed to provide an add-on free experience."
  10. Holy crap! Wasted an entire night and 3/4ths of the next day. I had used SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes, and what seemed to nail it was Norton Power Eraser. I had a message on start up about something DLL BrandIE4 signup, so ran Super, and Malware again, and Malwares Rootkit detector, and now I am booting clean and seem to be ok.
    Any idea where you guys picked it up? In talking with the family the last person on was the wife, and she was trying to find an answer to something, and thinks she clicked on an answer at After that is when the redirects started as far as I can tell.
    MF's who do this and identity theft can hang in the town square and let people do what they want as they walk by these turds.

    And thank you for the help!
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